Missions we support - Grayville church of Christ, Grayville, IL

Missions we support:


We support the work of missionary Eddison Fowler in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil.  Eddison has been a missionary in Brazil for over thirty years.  He works with the Central Church of Christ where he serves as one of the elders.  He is also the president, director, and one of the teachers in the National Bible School.  As an elder he serves in the capacity of teacher, counselor, and preacher.  Eddison also serves as helper and encourager of church planting all over the state of Minas Gerais and beyond.

We also support a native Brazillian preacher, Paulo Jose, who serves in Ribeirao Das Neves, Minas Gerais.  Paulo serves as a preacher, teacher, evangelist, and counselor.  He oversees all the ministries, prepares future leaders for the ministry, keeps members strong and growing, and is responsible for the upkeep of the building where the saints meet.


We support the Lord’s work in Andra Pradesh, India, through the direction of the White Hall Church of Christ in Fairmont, West Virginia.  We provide full support to native preacher David Raju and provide additional support to assist other native preachers.  We also hold a very special place in our hearts for the orphanage the church started there due to the death of several of the parents in a van accident.  We also support the work of the church that meets in a leper colony.


We support the Lord’s work in Ghana, West Africa through several avenues.  We support Samuel Twumasi who is president of Heritage Christian College in Accra.  We support the Village of Hope in Awutu and also support the Ghana West Africa Missions water well drilling program that has brought fresh water to many villages where before the women would walk for miles to get water from sources that were far from sanitary.